My Books

I have always wanted to write some books —nothing too long or major, I'm not a novelist after all just some no-fluff guides that I think and hope can help people on different subjects. So far, I have released one book and have more in the pipeline that I hope to release. All the books are or will be priced cheaper than buying a cup of coffee at Costa!

My aim is to hopefully guide people to make better decisions and implement better strategies in life to improve themselves, and the books that I do write will be on similar topics that you see on this blog, just much longer and more detailed. If you do read any, then I hope you enjoy it! And if not, at least you would not have wasted much of your time or money.

So far I have only written one!

The book is about managing your finances better basically, and how to do that with guides and tips. You can also see my sister site on Frugal Living Tips for more guides on general topics.

I am working on a minimalism book, but finding the time is difficult, But I will get there. But check out some really good books on minimalism I recommend.

From Clueless to Cashflow How to Master Your Finances Without Losing Your Sanity:

"From Clueless to Cashflow: How to Master Your Finances Without Losing Your Sanity" is about empowering and guiding you to take control of your finances and the way you think about your money and spending habits. By reading this book you will get helpful tips designed to help you gain control and achieve financial freedom, all while maintaining your sanity.

The book is written as a no fluff guide which is easy to read for beginners and those who have struggled with money management in the past. Whether you're drowning in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, or just simply looking to optimize your financial situation, this book offers practical advise to guide you towards a healthier financial future.

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