9 Things Minimalists Do On A Regular Basis

9 things minimalists do on a regular basis for a more calm and stress free life

Minimalists and minimalism as a whole are something I think everyone should bring into their lives, even if it is just certain core principles, but I believe minimalism has something to offer everyone that will make their life more positive and less stressful. 

No, I'm not a preacher, even though it sounds like it! But the principles of minimalism will benefit anyone who takes the time to bring them into their lives! You can trust me too, because I am a random person on the internet, and thus everything I say is true.


Minimalists believe in living a simple and uncluttered life. They make it a point to declutter not only their living spaces but other things in their lives regularly.. This  allows them to focus on the things that truly matter and brings a sense of calmness and clarity. 

They only keep the essentials that serve a purpose. By doing so, they not only reduce physical clutter but also any mental clutter, allowing them to be more productive and efficient in their daily tasks. Decluttering is not just about items that you own, but your life as a whole. [Have a read of all my decluttering topics on Minimalist Father for tips and tricks]


Minimalists  understand that their time and energy are limited resources, and therefore, choose to focus on the things that matter the most to them. They are intentional about their decisions and avoid overcommitting themselves to tasks or activities.

They are able to maintain a sense of balance and harmony in their lives, which allows them to be more productive and efficient in achieving their goals. They understand that saying no to certain things is just as important as saying yes to others, and they are not afraid to set boundaries when necessary. [Learn to say no to toxic people]

Mindful Consumption: 

Minimalists are highly aware of the impact that their consumption habits have on their overall well-being, as well as the environment. They make a conscious effort to limit their consumption of food, media, and material possessions. They carefully consider the value that each item or experience will bring to their lives before deciding to bring it into their homes or routines. 

By doing so, minimalists are able to create a sense of clarity and purpose in their lives, free from the clutter and distractions that can often come with excessive consumption.

Simplifying Routines: 

Minimalists aim to simplify their daily routines to save time and reduce stress. They achieve this by streamlining tasks and eliminating unnecessary steps or items. For instance, they may choose to have a capsule wardrobe consisting of only essential clothing items that can be mixed and matched easily.

By simplifying their lives, minimalists are able to focus on the things that truly matter to them, such as spending time with loved ones or pursuing their passions. This lifestyle not only reduces stress but also promotes a sense of freedom and contentment.

Practicing Gratitude: 

Minimalists believe in appreciating what they have. This means that they take time each day to reflect on the things they are grateful for and focus on the positive aspects of their lives. This not only helps to feel more fulfilled and satisfied, but also allows them to approach challenges with a more positive and optimistic outlook that will reflect positively on their overall wellbeing. [Read all my wellbeing topics on Minimalist Father]


Minimalists understand the importance of taking a step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life to reflect on their thoughts and emotions. They make it a priority to set aside time on a regular basis for self-reflection, whether it be through journaling, meditation, or simply sitting in quiet contemplation.

During this time, they focus on checking in with themselves and assessing their goals and values. This daily practice of self-reflection helps minimalists stay grounded and focused on what truly matters to them.

Mindful Spending: 

Minimalists are individuals who are very mindful of their spending habits. They are very intentional with their purchases, carefully considering whether an item serves a purpose in their lives or brings them joy. They do not make impulsive purchases and instead take the time to think things through before making a decision. 

This approach to spending allows minimalists to live a simpler and more fulfilling life, free from the burden of unnecessary possessions. By only buying what they truly need or truly love, minimalists can focus on the things that matter most to them, such as experiences, relationships, and personal growth. [Read all my topics to do with money and finances on Minimalist Father]

Embracing Simplicity: 

Minimalists believe that less is more and that by reducing the number of possessions they own, they can create a more meaningful and fulfilling existence. This philosophy extends beyond just their wardrobe and home decor, as minimalists strive to simplify all areas of their lives. They understand the value of living in a calm and clutter-free environment, which allows them to focus on what truly matters. 

By eliminating unnecessary distractions, minimalists are able to appreciate the beauty of minimalism and find joy in the simple things in life. They believe that by living a minimalist lifestyle, they can achieve greater clarity, purpose, and happiness. [Read all my less is more topics on Minimalist Father]

Living With Intention: 

Minimalists are mindful of their choices and make conscious decisions about how they allocate their time, energy, and resources. They strive to align their actions with their values and goals, ensuring that they are living a purposeful life. This intentional living allows minimalists to focus on what truly matters to them, rather than getting caught up in the distractions and excesses of modern society. 

By simplifying their lives, minimalists create space for the things that bring them joy and fulfillment. They understand that by living intentionally, they can live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. [Read how to start living with intention]

Always remember that every little helps, don't feel overwhelmed and start slow and start incorporating one thing at a time into your life. If you want to, of course!


Emma T said...

I'm not a minimalist although maybe one day I might get halfway there. I'm not sure all of these are specific to minimalists though. Most people need to prioritise to get through life.

Minimalist Father said...

Hi Emma.

Yeah, I agree, some aren't just specific to minimalists, but a lot of people also don't do the more general things though and aren't as productive as they can be, while I'd argue minimalists do it as a habit. But I get what you mean completely.