How To Create A Minimalist Christmas Tree

Create a minimalist christmas tree

So it is nearly August, the time of the year I start to think about Christmas and wonder where the year has already gone. I always get my presents early, so early in fact I normally get them in the January sales! I want to have everything done and sorted as soon as possible with minimal fuss. 

My christmas is always very minimalist as well as you would expect, and I will be writing more on that soon. But for now have a little read of why you should have a minimalist Christmas tree this holiday season. Trust me, it is so much less hassle as well. /SCROOGE.

What Is A Minimalist Christmas Tree?

A minimalist Christmas tree is a modern and simplified take on the traditional Christmas tree. It is characterized by its clean lines, minimal decorations, and focus on simplicity.  The history of minimalist Christmas trees can be traced back to the mid-20th century when the modernist movement began to influence design and aesthetics. The clean and minimalistic style of the era translated into Christmas decorations, including trees. Over time, the minimalist Christmas tree has evolved to become a popular choice for those who want to celebrate the holiday season in a more streamlined and less cluttered way.

Benefits of Choosing a Minimalist Christmas Tree

Saves money: 

Traditional Christmas trees can be expensive, especially if you opt for a real tree. A minimalist Christmas tree can be created using items you already have or by purchasing a few simple and affordable decorations.

Saves time: 

Decorating a traditional Christmas tree can be a time-consuming task. With a minimalist Christmas tree, you can quickly set up and decorate your tree, saving you valuable time during the busy holiday season.


Minimalist Christmas trees are often made from sustainable materials or repurposed items, making them a more environmentally friendly choice compared to traditional trees. Additionally, by using fewer decorations, you reduce waste and promote a more sustainable approach to the holiday season.

Less clutter: 

The minimalist approach to Christmas trees means fewer decorations and a cleaner, more organized space. This can help reduce visual clutter in your home and create a more calming and peaceful environment during the holiday season.

Promotes mindfulness and simplicity: 

By embracing a minimalist Christmas tree, you are encouraged to focus on what truly matters during the holiday season – spending time with loved ones, creating meaningful memories, and embracing the spirit of giving. A minimalist tree can serve as a reminder to slow down, be present, and appreciate the simple joys of the season.

How to Create a Minimalist Christmas Tree

Creating a minimalist Christmas tree is a pretty simple and straightforward process.

Choosing the right tree: 

When it comes to a minimalist Christmas tree, less is more. Opt for a tree with a clean and simple design, such as a slim or pencil tree. 

Choosing the right location: 

Consider the space where you will be placing your minimalist Christmas tree. Choose a location that allows the tree to be the focal point without overwhelming the room.

Choosing the right lights: 

Keep the lighting simple and understated. Opt for warm white or soft white LED lights to create a cozy and inviting ambiance. Avoid using too many lights or flashy colors, as this can detract from the minimalist aesthetic.

Use minimalist christmas decorations

Choosing the Right Decorations for a Minimalist Christmas Tree

When it comes to decorating a minimalist Christmas tree, remember, less is more.

Simple ornaments:

Opt for simple and understated ornaments that complement the clean lines of your tree. Choose ornaments in a single color or a limited color palette to create a cohesive and minimalist look.

Natural elements: 

Incorporate natural elements into your tree, such as pinecones, dried flowers, or branches. These elements add a touch of nature and simplicity to your tree.

Monochromatic color scheme: 

Stick to a monochromatic color scheme for a minimalist look. Choose ornaments and decorations in shades of white, silver, or gold for a classic and elegant aesthetic.

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DIY Minimalist Christmas Tree Decorations

Paper ornaments: 

Cut out simple shapes from colored or patterned paper to create minimalist ornaments. You can also fold origami ornaments or create paper snowflakes for a delicate and elegant look.

Salt dough ornaments: 

Make your own salt dough ornaments by mixing flour, salt, and water. Roll out the dough and cut out shapes using cookie cutters. Bake the ornaments in the oven and then decorate them with paint or markers.

Pinecone ornaments: 

Collect pinecones from your backyard or local park and use them as natural ornaments. You can leave them as is or spray paint them in a metallic color for a modern and minimalist look.

Minimalist garlands: 

Create simple garlands using materials like twine, ribbon, or felt. Cut out shapes or letters and string them together to create a minimalist garland that can be draped on your tree.

Minimalist Christmas Tree Ideas for Small Spaces

Wall-mounted trees: 

Opt for a wall-mounted tree that takes up minimal space. These trees can be made from branches or twigs arranged in a tree shape and hung on the wall. Add simple ornaments or lights to complete the look.

Tabletop trees: 

Choose a small tabletop tree that can be placed on a side table or countertop. These trees are compact and can be decorated with minimal ornaments and lights.

Potted trees: 

Consider using a potted plant as your minimalist Christmas tree. Choose a small evergreen plant or a potted pine tree and decorate it with simple ornaments and lights.

Branches and twigs:

If you want to go completely minimalist, consider using branches or twigs arranged in a vase as your Christmas tree. This natural and minimalist approach adds a unique touch to your holiday decor.

Use a minimalist wreath instead of a christmas tree

Minimalist Christmas Tree Alternatives

If you want to embrace minimalism but still want to have some holiday decor, there are alternatives to traditional Christmas trees. 

Minimalist wreaths: 

Hang a minimalist wreath on your front door or inside your home as a festive alternative to a Christmas tree. Choose a wreath made from natural materials like eucalyptus or dried flowers for a minimalist and elegant look.

Minimalist centerpieces: 

Create a minimalist centerpiece for your dining table using candles, greenery, and simple ornaments. This can serve as a focal point during holiday gatherings and add a touch of festive spirit to your home.

Minimalist window displays: 

Decorate your windows with minimalist window displays. Hang simple ornaments or garlands from the window frame or use window clings in a monochromatic color scheme for a modern and minimalist look.

Minimalist Christmas Tree FAQ:

Where can I buy a minimalist Christmas tree? 

You can buy a minimalist Christmas tree at various stores, both online and in-person. Some popular options include home decor stores, department stores, and online retailers.

How do you store a minimalist Christmas tree? 

Storing a minimalist Christmas tree is usually easier than storing a traditional tree because it takes up less space. You can typically disassemble the tree and store it in its original box or in a storage bag.

Can I make my own minimalist Christmas tree? 

Yes, you can definitely make your own minimalist Christmas tree! There are many DIY tutorials available online that provide step-by-step instructions on how to create your own unique and minimalistic tree.

Are there any benefits to having a minimalist Christmas tree? 

Having a minimalist Christmas tree can be beneficial for several reasons. It takes up less space, requires less time and effort to decorate, and can help create a more calm and peaceful atmosphere during the holiday season.

Can I still have lights on my minimalist Christmas tree? 

Yes, you can still have lights on your minimalist Christmas tree! You can opt for simple string lights or choose LED lights in a single color for a more minimalistic look.

How do I choose the right size for a minimalist Christmas tree? 

The size of your minimalist Christmas tree will depend on the space you have available and your personal preference. You can choose a small tabletop tree for a minimalist look, or opt for a larger tree if you have more space to work with.

Can I add personal touches to my minimalist Christmas tree?

Absolutely! While a minimalist Christmas tree typically has fewer decorations, you can still add personal touches to make it feel special and unique. Consider adding a few sentimental ornaments or incorporating elements that reflect your personal style.

Remember, a minimalist Christmas tree is not about depriving yourself of holiday joy, but rather embracing a more intentional and mindful approach to the holiday season. So this year, consider trying a minimalist Christmas tree and enjoy the benefits of simplicity and minimalism during the most wonderful time of the year.